Mandala and the Self

The Mandala for Self Discovery and Expression


Life is a Flower Garden and Each Blessing a Flower

Mandala Self Discovery and Expression

My mandala for this week. I used words from a quote which was a prompt for another art exercise. Also blogged:

The Beauty of the Mandala All Around You

100 mandalas100 mandalas practicemandala lotus306224_537648442925310_1328906109_na3590-iamaflowerchildatheartbelievinginpeaceandjoy              Vision of Intention 2014 Mandala and the Self            bd8d9-dsc09045                    Joy's Art Cards and Prints on Etsy
 The Mandala Self Discovery and Expression

Continuing the journey through mandalas: Growing from the Seeds

It is a superbusy time in life and also super exciting week 3 of this speacial journey through Mandalas…
I managed to get around my process while on the go and improvise even more!
The focus last week was on planting the seed and identifying with the seed ….
My first mandala last week started with a wonderful personal journey through childhood memories….It was time to play and let the seed take me through the process….The joyful seed was planted and sprouting shapes and patterns unfolded along with autobiographical memories and dreams….
The continuing evolving shapes of my recent mandalas intrigued me… even though I would read and try to start to work from a circle or get to that shape ….things would just take over most of the time…It’s such an adventurous journey and intuition is taking the lead and questions come later LOL:)
So I next I decide to take a cardboard shape I made and use it as the seed to explore evolutions and see what would happen…Incredible energetic scapes blurred out of my imagination and it was just so cool to venture down that road…The process of my evolution, the possibilities, my becoming….
And then again just being free to explore whatever resonates with me at the time…
The energy and the patterns and colors emanating from inner roads guided this other mandala…
This made me understand more about my unpredictable, asymmetric and unique shapes and forms that evolve and propagate outwards…Even though the journey starts within it opens up and connects outwards…
Well, I also wanted to explore the strong bound with nature and the organic elements…and try out new materials creating texture and surfaces to play and connect…It is time for sprouting, emerging, germinating connecting all elements….
The passion for mixed media anda little extravaganza joined the adventure:)
After pondering on nature and its magic, the infinite possibilities evolving into gardens and flowers….The magic happens from being hidden in dark soil and come out to the bright sunlight…..
Reconnecting and celebrating the journey of growth….
Transformation is a fantastic essential process of life that unfolds into new ways and offers different perspectives…the inside is still there nourishing and changing waiting to get to the surface and join the outside re-forming and re-emerging….
I guess my last mandala of week 3 was gathering all the different insightful experiences of the journey and the mandala brought them together in yet another interesting way….
Thank you artist & teacher Joy Hellman for this great adventure in your course on Mandala for Self Discovery and Expression…
mid-week pondering Lizzie your mandala work has been so powerful and amazing I really appreciate your consistent “Work” and I love your art representing the seed… I know that the next stage the Spiral will be an incredible part of your continued mandala journey… I have posted your link in my Mandala blog … thanks again for sharing. It is so very inspirational to me as well as everyone in the group… I am blessed that I trusted my guidance to create this course because of all of you who have trusted me as well as your inne rwisdom to take the journey. Joy

Violet Flame of Transformation

I painted the canvas black and I did this because it represented for me the infinite space of being. After I meditated on the black I began to see a color and at he same time I was working with the meditation Violet Flame of Transformation during my Mandala course. As I meditated on this color I knew that the painting would be done on the black. When=n I started I felt that it would be circular and just started painting without expectations of the result. It was more energy I had all these violets on my palette as well as pinks and blues that I had mixed but mostly I mixed on my canvas as I went following my intuition until the painting was finished it is like an energy that will not let me stop until the painting is done. Luckily I had all day to do the painting with out stopping. Anyway afterwards I sat in front of it with just a candle and mediated on the center which I left black which drew me inward like infinite space. I sent the photo to my teacher and he said that he could also see images around the Mandala. I meditated on the images around the Mandala and this is when I saw the image of an owl and a woman. I took the images and did journeying around them and dialoged with them. They spoke to me the rest of the course was a many layered process and a powerful synthesis through many collage work faces of wise women that I created in clay, sketches of owls and the final work was the painting that I did which represents me as Wise Woman. This all began with my Mandala work which lasted a full year and powerful inner work and art in the course. My journey began in Resting in the Darkness…

Resting in the Darkness

Resting in the Darkness

New beginning … emptiness … release …. space of stillness …. nothingness …. intention present and yet inactive … happy to wait on the universe, the will of God …. the die being cast through universal organics – essences – love, light, spirit, universality and potential … dna abounds and what is meant to be is on the way … no hurry all in own time …. taking time to rest now – be present and still and empty and knowing … and rich with love and life and nothingness – open to all possibility and yet attached to nothing … nothingness .. divine peace and love and warmth in the dark … state of being …. in the darkness – warm and empty………… by Wendy Nash Mandala, Self discovery and Expression

A World in a Universal Drop of Water
As I reflected on this mandala it reminded me of looking at a drop of pond water
and seeing a whole invisible world brimming with life completely unaware of my existence. Am I the observer or the observed? The symbols also represent parts of me invisible yet living that I may not be aware of and there to discover. The passage that I love by William Blake came to my mind when I was reflecting on the mandala. (Fragments from “Auguries of Innocence” by William Blake
To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour.
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