Vision of Intention 2016


 My own Vision of Intention

I really want to do more: online work through teaching, coaching, classes, workshops, ezines, podcasts and tutorial videos and bring in success and abundance through my online work. I really, really want to participate with a website and be a contributor writer and share my own creative and spiritual story. I really want to publish my Spiritual Journey


I really want to do women’s spiritual and creative retreats and use my abilities as a facilitator in Joy of Creativity and Joy of Art and Soul.


I really want to take time for my own creative art journaling and set up a space at home to do my own creative collage and art journaling.


I really  want to continue and even expand in my spiritual practice through my morning ritual meditation but to also start writng and doing morning pages as apart of my practice 

I really  want to set up a creative night for myself and work on Soul Collage and Tarot as a study for my own inner work
I really want to connect with other Wise Women and Creatives in social network and in my studio through Art Night and Creative Connection groups
I really  want work on expanding my knowledge of blogging and connect with other bloggers……
I really want to explore food and create a vison for health and develop a stretching toning practice for my energy bones and muscles
I really want to develop a Wise Woman group and offer mini retreats workshops for body mind an spirit through integration and tansformative art, yoga and meditaion
These are a few of the Vision of Intention for 2016

If you want to share your own Vision of Intention for 2016 visit




Journal Reflections

You’re invited to make a cup of tea, tune in to favorite music, and open your journal to a blank page. Spend a while (before you begin writing) to revisit your memories to remember your most meaningful personal moments from 2015. Also take some time to envision your spiritual/creative needs for the coming year.

Here are a few areas to contemplate to help you engage with the process. Follow the threads of additional questions that may arise while you record your thoughts and reflections.

•What were the events and experiences of 2015 that inspired your creative heart and spirit?
•Which season bore the most spiritual/creative fruit for you?
•Did new relationships begin?
•Were there relationships that ended or changed form?
•Is there a prominent theme or lesson from 2014 that you feel compelled to carry forward?
•If you were to give the past year a title and a soundtrack, what would you choose?
•As 2016 approaches how do you envision yourself pursuing ways to explore your creativity?
•How will you grow your sacred wisdom in the coming year?
•How is the Spirit calling to you as the year ends and the New Year begins?

Happy 2016


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I wanted to create this group after I do my Vision of Intention next week and create vision cards for 2016 I also wanted to reinforce my own process in creating my dreams so if you want to join in to create your visions throughout the year come along….. It will be fun to watch every ones tiny seeds become the garden of dreams in 2016. We will also share tools, creative techniques and process as we go on our journeys into our dreams….  join my group on Facebook to reinforce your own Vision of Intentions for 2016